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Chapter+13+Lecture+Outline - 2 PPO’s 3 CDHP’s 4 FSA’s...

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Chapter 13 – Employee Benefits Lecture Outline   1. Benefits currently an additional 37% (approx.) of payroll expenses. Contributing factors:  a. Laws passed during and after Great Depression b. WWII wage ceilings  c. Unions  d. Tax treatment e. Cost benefits of group purchase f. Employer  differentiation 2. Types of benefits  a. Legally required  i. Social Security  ii. Unemployment insurance  iii. Workers' Compensation  iv. Leaves without pay, including Family and Medical Leave Act b. Discretionary employer-provided benefits  i. Health insurance  1. HMO's 
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Unformatted text preview: 2. PPO’s 3. CDHP’s 4. FSA’s 5. COBRA 6. Dental 7. Mental health 8. Substance abuse 9. Vision ii. Sick leave programs iii. Life insurance iv. Long-term disability insurance v. Pension plans 1. ERISA a. Eligibility b. Vesting c. Funding d. Prudent investments e. PBGC 2. Retirement Equity Act 3. Types of plans a. Defined benefit b. Defined contribution c. 401(k) d. Cash balance plans vi. Employee services 1. EAP's 2. Tuition reimbursement 3. Child and elder care 4. Misc....
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