Exam+2+Review - alternative dispute resolution job...

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Exam 2 Review Chapter 8 – performance measure criteria (validity, etc.) different approaches to performance measurement (comparative, attributes, etc.) appraisal techniques (graphic rating scale, ranking, etc., etc.) rater errors (halo, central tendency, etc.) Chapter 9 assessment/assessment centers in employee development types of assessment center exercises job enlargement, job rotation mentoring/coaching succession planning Chapter 10 Voluntary v. involuntary turnover
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Unformatted text preview: alternative dispute resolution job withdrawal, psychological withdrawal Chapter 11 compensable factors compa-ratio broad bands Legislation: FLSA, Davis-Bacon, Walsh-Healy Chapter 12 ESOPs, stock ownership plans, gainsharing, profit sharing, merit pay, stock options Chapter 13 Growth of benefits Unemployment insurance COBRA, ERISA, PBGC, FMLA defined benefit v. defined contribution Chapter 14 types of unions trends of union membership...
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Exam+2+Review - alternative dispute resolution job...

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