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BS 110 Notes 9-15-2010 General Theory of Inheritance Genes determine inherited traits and are transmitted in gametes Individual has a pair of genes in almost every cell for most traits One gene of a pair may differ from the other gene Paired genes (chromosomes) separate during gamete formation and each gamete receives one gene Equal probability that either one of a pair of genes will enter a given gamete (Mendel’s first law) Each pair of genes assorts independently from another pair in gamete formation (Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment) 2 pairs of genes that occur on separate or different chromosomes
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Unformatted text preview: Dihybrid cross follows the transmission and expression of 2 pairs of genes from one generation to the next Fertilization results in a recombination of gene pairs and reconstitution of diploid condition Crosses between organisms can be diagrammed using symbols, letters and a punnett square Monohybrid crosses follows the transmission nd expression of one pair of genes from one generation to the next. Chapter 14 Codominance Pleitropy Epistasis Polygenic inheritance/additive gene action o Know definitions and examples...
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