BS 110 Notes 10-6-2010

BS 110 Notes 10-6-2010 - iridium, shocked quartz, and...

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BS 110 Notes 10-6-2010 Maintaining Genetic Isolation Two Groups: o Prezygotic: Temporal – breed at different times Habitat – breed in different places Behavioral – different courtship procedures Gametic Barrier – mating does not occur because the gametes are incompatible Mechanical – mating does not occur because the reproductive genitalia are incompatible o Postzygotic: Hybrid Viability – hybrid offspring do not develop and die as offspring/embryos Hybrid Sterility - offspring develop to adults but are sterile Extinction The death of all the individuals of a species or other taxonomic group usually due to the failure to adapt to changing environmental conditions Background – processes of natural selection Mass – prune the tree of life K-T Asteroid Strike(~65 MYA) – crate - dust, ash, and soot blocked the sun >> global cooling and decreased productivity/acid rain. Evidence was presence of a metal called
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Unformatted text preview: iridium, shocked quartz, and microtektites. Conservation Biology Developed to address the problems of habitat destruction and reduction in the numbers of individuals and species Counteracts the biodiversity crisis Causes of extinction associated with humans Exotic Species species of an organism that occurs in an area and should not. Invasive Species an exotic species that somehow harms the endemic organisms or habitat Enemy Release Hypothesis invasive species do well and spread rapidly because they have been released/liberated from their natural enemies when they occur in a new habitat. Since en does not go into defenses, it goes into growth and reproduction Exotic Species 4600 species in North America Means of invasion 30% Plant life; Hawaii (>50%)...
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BS 110 Notes 10-6-2010 - iridium, shocked quartz, and...

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