BS 110 Notes 10-15-2010

BS 110 Notes 10-15-2010 - Sticky capsules hard to kill by...

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BS 110 Notes 10-15-2010 Bacteria Prokaryotic and Unicellular o Lack a true nucleus and other membrane bound organelles except the ribosomes Circular chromosomes, few linear DNA not associated with histones Glycerol bonded to straight chains fatty acids Peptidoglycan – where it is, plays a role in the color it stains Simple FNA Polymerase – transcription of RNAs Generally two types of reproduction: o Asexual – without sex; does not involve formation and fusion of sex cells/gametes; not formed by meiosis o Sexual – involves the formation of sex cells by meiosis and their fusion o Fission – one cell separates into 2 more cells o Conjugation – one bacterium gene gives another bacterium some DNA Parasitic, recycling, commercial uses o Antibiotics, cheese, insulin, interferon Parasite – an organism that lives in or on another organism (Host), parasite is metabolically dependent on the host (gains energy), harms the host
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Unformatted text preview: Sticky capsules hard to kill by host; endospores resistant to harsh physical factors, chemical disinfectants (MRSA) Movements, shapes, sizes o Flagellum whip like tail used for movement o Cilia hair like structures on outer surface **Chapter 27, 5 groups/clades group of species that includes the ancestral species and all of its decesendants. Be able to characterize. 1. Proteobacteria 2. Chlamydias 3. Spirochetes 4. Cyanobacterium 5. Gram-positive bacteria Archaea Prokaryotic and Unicellular Circular chromosomes DNA associated with histones Distinct rRNA base Sequences Fission Glycerol bonded to branched fatty acids Distinct lipids, no peptidoglycan Several RNA polymerases o Crenarchaeota o Euryarchaeota Viruses Small poorly organized Obligate, intracellular parasites Most are not susceptible to anitbiotics...
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BS 110 Notes 10-15-2010 - Sticky capsules hard to kill by...

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