BS 110 Notes 10-29-2010

BS 110 Notes 10-29-2010 - centrally located involved with...

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BS 110 Notes 10-29-2010 Anthophyta Monocots and Eudicots Monocots – orchids, palms, grasses, lilies – Fibrous root Eudicots – Poppies, oak, roses, zucchinis -- taproot Go over Monocots and Eudicots in book Plant Structure and Function Vascular Plants – 2 systems o Shoot system – flowers, fruits, cones, stems and leaves o Root System – primary root and lateral roots 1. Roots a. Anchor the shoot system b. Absorb materials from whatever soil medium they are in c. Store material d. Seed germinates and the first thing that grows out of it is the primary root e. Primary root: Taproot system or Fibrous Root system 2. Stems a. Support and distribute leaves b. Divided into nodes i. Nodes -areas of the stem where new growth occurs ii. Internodes – areas between the nodes c. Outermost – cuticle, epidermis, cortex (parenchyma – chloroplasts = green stem and sclerenchyma cells), phloem/xylem – vascular bundles, pith –
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Unformatted text preview: centrally located involved with storage Innermost 3. Leaves factories of photosynthesis a. Blade joined to the stem by petiole Supergroup Unikonta Kingdom fungi Yeasts, chytrids, bead molds, puffballs, mushrooms, morels, bracket fungi Yeasts some unicellular and form colonies All others multicellular, mycelium-hyphae, cell wall (chitin); septa partial cross walls that divide the hyphae into cell like units Hyphae :rhizoids - attachment, haustoria obtain or extrange nutrients, mycorrihizae fungus roots Heterotrophic with external digestion obtain nutrients from dead organic matter (dead organism) Sexual reproduction Asexual reproduction bhyphae fragmentation, budding, spore formation...
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BS 110 Notes 10-29-2010 - centrally located involved with...

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