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BS 110 Notes 11-8-2010

BS 110 Notes 11-8-2010 - b Tiktaalik Roseae ~375MYA –...

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BS 110 Notes 11-8-2010 7 Classes of Vertebrata 1. Agnatha – lampreys, hagfish a. Jawless fish – suck material from prey 2. Placodermi - extinct a. Large fresh water bottom dwellers, armor 3. Chondrichthyes - sharks a. Cartilaginous endoskeleton, 5-7 gill openings 4. Osteichthyes a. Boney fishes b. Freshwater, gills, lungs; fleshy fins i. Modern lobe finned fishes ii. Bony, ray finned fishes; fleshy – tuna, mackerel, salmon, trout iii. Fins >Ray Fins, Lungs > Swim bladder iv. Swim bladder – organ located between digestive tract and vertebral column, and the fish can control how much gas is in it, and therefore its buoyancy, and therefore how deep the fish can swim ***All Fish have 2 chambered heart 5. Amphibia – salamanders, frogs, toads a. Live in water as well as on land
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Unformatted text preview: b. Tiktaalik Roseae - ~375MYA – Canada – “fishapod” –represents a transitional group between early fish and the amphibians and other tetropods c. Habitat drying up, dwindling food d. Fleshy fins > legs e. Easier to meet oxygen demands f. Not totally terrestrial g. Lungs, skin, mouth lining 6. Reptilia a. Cotylosaurs, diverged 300MYA b. Dry, scaly skin, legs under body c. Internal fertilization d. Fertilized egg develops in female e. Amniote egg f. More convoluted lungs g. 3 chambered heart – oxygenated and deoxygenated lung 7. Aves – birds a. Air theory – smale arboreal reptile b. Ground theory – bipedal dinosaur c. Theropods – talons to catch its prey...
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BS 110 Notes 11-8-2010 - b Tiktaalik Roseae ~375MYA –...

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