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BS 110 Notes 12-8-2010

BS 110 Notes 12-8-2010 - iv Full exposure to sun v Temp and...

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BS 110 Notes 12-8-2010 Ecological Succession – orderly and progressive replacement of one community by another community until a relatively stable community occupies the area 1. Species structure a. Replacement of one species by another species until a community is replaced by another community, early populations go through boom/crash cycles 2. Organic Structure a. Organic matter, soil fertility and moisture content increase 3. Energy flow 4. Two Types of Ecological Succession a. Primary Succession i. Areas devoid/unchanged by organisms ii. No soil initially exists iii. Lichens mosses and grasses are the pioneers
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Full exposure to sun v. Temp and moisture changes b. Secondary Succession i. Areas where organisms have already been present ii. Soil already exists iii. Weeds iv. Controlled by activities of humans and organisms associated with humans Next level of organization Ecosystem – composed of the community plus the abiotic factors in an area Biome – large ecosystem that covers parts of one or more continents. Characterized by theur abiotic factors and the species of organisms that are adapted to these factors Final exam is 52,53,54,55 and 56...
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