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An Analysis of Squirrel Activity in Relation to Time of Day BS 110 Section 11 Introduction The experiment that we designed analyzes the activity of squirrels found on Michigan State University’s campus. We believe that this experiment will show that metabolic factors, in relation to the time of day, will have an affect on the type of activity observed in squirrels. The different types of activity that were observed are related to solitary, food related, and social/aggressive behavior in squirrels. We hypothesized that the time of day would affect the metabolic activity in squirrels, and therefore would affect the types of activities they performed. At 8:00 AM, the metabolic rate of a squirrel may be low, therefore the squirrel would be more likely to perform solitary activities, such as grooming and resting . At 12:00 PM the metabolic rate would be speeding up so the squirrel would act in a social/aggressive manner with other squirrels. At 4:00 PM, the metabolic rate would slow down, which result in the squirrel searching for and consuming food. Conclusions / Discussion
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