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I have chosen to compare the cultures of Africa and Native America. The two cultures share many differences and similarities when it comes to their musical traditions. Both of the cultures use music as a way to portray their religious beliefs. The Native Americans only sing about the importance of religion and use their music to give thanks, pray for good harvests, celebrate life cycles, pray for rain, and honor the deeds of heroes. While the African culture emphasizes religion as well, they are more lenient when it comes to what they are singing about. The African people will use music to teach children about morals and the history of their country, to lighten the load of their daily work, and for entertainment. In the Native American culture, the men are the only ones that do the singing, dancing, and playing of instruments, while in the African culture everyone is involved.
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Unformatted text preview: The melody is very different in the music of these cultures as well. The African people use many simple rhythms overlapping, while the Native Americans use one single, repetitive melody. When it comes to dancing, the African people are very sporadic, moving every part of their bodies in a different way and at different times. The Native Americans, on the other hand, are very precise in their movements and take pride in not making any mistakes. The most common instruments used in African cultures are idiophones and are aerophones in the Native American culture, but in both nations the membranophones, or drums, are very influential instruments and are used very frequently. These cultures are very different in the way they demonstrate music, but both take it very seriously and it is very important to their daily lives....
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