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The democratic society that we live in today can definitely be traced back to the ancient Greek society. When Greece won the Battle of Salamis and entered into the Golden Age, the polis, or “city-state,” of Athens was at the point where the polis meant the citizens as individuals and their civic values and aspirations. Although the polis was only limited to adult male citizens, this central theme of government is dominant in American society today where the concept of “rule by people” is nationally accepted and expected. The ancient Greek politicains were just like the politicians in the current American government. ..”political animals.” Like ancient Greece, America has also formed alliances with other countries. Athens formed alliances with the Delian League and America has alliances with
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Unformatted text preview: Austraila, Argentina and many others. Also, like Athens, America has a need for power which has got us into many fights and has led to many enemies. The Athenian’s fought with Sparta and America fought for its right to power in the American Revolution. As I mentioned previously, only men were allowed to be a part of the polis and be in control. Meaning that women of any class could not be a part of any of the decision making. In America, it took women a very long time to break into the political scene and get their voices heard. And still today, here has not been a woman president. The ancient Greek political system was very similar to the political system of modern America. Decindingly, I believe it is safe to say that the American way of government can be traced back to ancient Greece....
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