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An Analysis of Squirrel Activity in Relation to Time of Day Erin Vavro, Emily Burns, Aaron Schmidt, Bre Cobbe BS 110 Section 11 Introduction The experiment that we designed analyzes the activity of squirrels found on Michigan State University’s campus. We believe that this experiment will show that metabolic factors in relation to the time of day will have an affect on the type of activity observed in squirrels. The different types of activity that were observed were related to solitary, food related, social, and aggressive behavior in squirrels. Sample graphic, picture, etc. To add an image, go to Insert, and select the appropriate option Conclusions / Discussion Conclusions may follow the discussion. They are best done as a series of succinct, clearly-stated bullet points that match the questions put forth in the Introduction and show how the results help to answer these questions. The discussion should be done as whole sentences here, as it is important to connect the points of logic. Explain
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