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1 NJSOA Course Syllabus Structures I Faculty: Rima Taher, Ph.D., Special Lecturer Arch 282-002 Spring 2006 Prerequisites: Physics II NAAB Objectives: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,12,13,18,21,23,24,33. Type of Course: Undergraduate course – Lecture format – 3 credits – Meets twice a week on Tuesday and Friday from 1:00 to 2:25 pm – Location: ATC 1100 on Tuesday and Weston Hall I on Friday. Course overview : The course starts with a brief introduction to the fundamental principles of Statics and Strength of Materials. The criteria for the selection of a structural system are then discussed, and the different types of traditional structural systems are covered illustrated by some famous examples of buildings and structures. Learning Objectives: The objectives of this course is to learn: The basics of Statics and the concept of equilibrium of structures. How to select the proper structural system for a building. The properties of the traditional structural materials such as: steel, wood and concrete, and how these materials are generally used. The different structural elements and components that are typically used for long-span versus short span structures, and systems used in high-rise versus low-rise buildings. The different types of complex roofs and how these roofs are structurally supported. This includes domes, geodesic domes, cable roofs and other complex roofs. To get exposed to examples of famous buildings and structures from around the world that use the different types of structural systems covered in this course. To develop the ability to sketch the structural framing for floors and roofs of different building types. Course Requirements: Students are expected to take two tests, a mid-term examination and a final examination, in addition to some homework assignments. Tentative dates for tests and exams are given below. No make-up tests will be given without a valid excuse. All tests are closed book, except for the first one in relation
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2011 for the course ARCH 282 taught by Professor Taher during the Spring '06 term at NJIT.

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arch282syllsp06 - 1 NJSOA Course Syllabus Structures I...

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