Materials_Science - Unkinking and uncloiling of long...

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Materials Science Exam With Wole Soboyejo 1) Classes Covered: MSE 564 2) Comments on the Exam Wole is a Mechanician / Material Scientist. He stuck to the material covered in his “Structural Materials” course. He is big on the fundamentals of elasticity, plasticity, strengthening mechanisms, dislocations, and fatigue and fracture. 3) Questions Draw a pairwise interaction potential diagram o What mechanical properties can you get from this Bulk Modulus and can infer the Elastic Modulus, fracture stress, etc How does E depend on temperature? o Should also know what else you can get from it Equilibrium separation, coefficient of thermal expansion, Draw a stress strain diagram (engineering or true) o Know ALL points on the diagram What is the Elastic Modulus related to o Must specify the type of material o Metals Ceramics, and Crystalline Polymers Bonding, and the second derivative of U vs. r curve o Amorphous polymers
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Unformatted text preview: Unkinking and uncloiling of long polymer chains • Plasticity in Polymers o Viscoelasticity and viscoplasticity, what are they physically Former it is unkinking of chains, latter it is permanent chain sliding into more favorable orientations o How do you model a polymer? Complicated array of Springs and Dampers Associated equations for Maxwell and Voight Model Solve the Voight Model and discuss what the solution means physically • How to solve a plate problem with a circular hole in it o I never did this before, so I just write down all the possible equations necessary Simplified version of 2 2 x u f ∂ ∂ = + ⋅ ∇ ρ σ , compatibility, how many unknowns (ε xx , ε yy , ε xy ), etc. • Fracture Mechanics o Derive crack growth condition using Griffiths Criterion o Estimate plastic zone size When does LEFM apply? What do you use if it does not apply (EPFM)? How does this tie into J 2 plasticity theory?...
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Materials_Science - Unkinking and uncloiling of long...

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