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Linguistics Homework 1

Linguistics Homework 1 - Andrea Kam Linguistics 101(002D...

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Andrea Kam Linguistics 101 (002D) January 26, 2008 Homework #1 1. List minimally five human (behavioral, mental) traits that might be unique to humans (i.e., not occur in non-human animals, or to a much lesser degree). Example: art. Give a one-sentence description of each trait. - Clothing: Everyone is different, many people like to exhibit their individuality by the way they dress; For example, an individual who enjoys being the center of attention (perhaps) would wear clothing with bright colors and bold patterns. - Tattoos: Tattoos are considered to be a type of body art, and almost everyone one who has a tattoo can say that their tattoo is one of a kind, although people may have very similar tattoos, they are many things you take have to take into consideration when getting one; size, color and the artistic talents of the tattoo artist. - Laughing: Laughing is a verb exhibited when someone is in a humorous position, some people may have deep hearty laughs, while some may have high squeaky laughs, I’m positive that we could all pick out an acquaintance and say that their laugh is unique.
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