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Linguistics Homework 2

Linguistics Homework 2 - something is acceptable in the...

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Andrea Kam Linguistics 101 (002D) February 1 , 2008 Homework #2 1. What is/are the main difference(s) between prescription and description? The main difference between prescription and description is prescription is how (according to authorities) we are supposed to choose and pronounce our words. In addition, to how we should form sentences. On the other hand, description is based on how language is actually used. 2. In linguistics, what is competence? In linguistics, competence is the individual’s ability to understand whether or not
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Unformatted text preview: something is acceptable in the language they speak. The competence level can be analyzed at three levels, which include: the computational level (Ex. How children acquire their mental grammar), the algorithmic level (Ex. Specifying mental grammar and the notion of “possible mental grammar”), and the implementation level (Ex. Areas of the human brain)....
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