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Andrea Kam March 18, 2008 Linguistics 101 Homework#6 1. What do we expect as for how Wang and Khairi should take to acquire their language perfectly? Wang and Khairi should acquire language perfectly because all children when exposed to a language will acquire mental grammar that complements their relevant language9s). Despite, being exposed to different data sets, all children belong to a speech community and essentially come up with the same mental grammar. 2. What can we conclude from acquistitional evidences of the above kind?
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Unformatted text preview: Children sometimes often use ‘foots’ instead to refer to the plural form of foot because the input of what the children hears is poor and inconsistent. For example, they are not exposed to all possible situations, they lack negative evidence(not informed about what is grammatical and ungrammatical), they lack instruction. Although children provides output some things they say are ungrammatical, but the parents correct their pronunciation and not grammar....
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