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Physics Index 1 (front)

Physics Index 1 (front) - 1m=1012pico v=d/t a=(area under...

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1m=10 12 pico v=d/t a=(area under graph)/Δt 1m=10 9 nano a=Δv/t v=½(v i +v f ) (only if a. is con) 1m=10 6 micro w=f=mg (g=9.8m/s 2 ) ΔX=v i t+½at 2 (only if a is con) 1m=1000milli F g =Gmm/r 2 ( G=6.7x10 -11 Nm 2 /kg 2 ) v f 2 =v i 2 +2aΔx (only if a is con) 1m=100centi v(t)=v t (1-e -t/T ) 1m=10deci g=F g /m T=(drift time)=m/6Πηr 1000m=1km x rms 2 =2Dt (D=diffusion constant) v t =mg/6Πηr=terminal velocity 10 6 m=1mega v(t)=v o +at (only if a is con) M=ρV (V=Volume) 10 9 m=1giga a=F n /m T=1/f Length=L=m F thrust =-F drag
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