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Physics Index 2 (back)

Physics Index 2 (back) - Work Energy Power Apparent...

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Work Energy & Power ·Apparent weight=tension force= support force=easy to lift ·Work: Change forms of energy (parallel to displacement) ·Weight > Buoyant Force Sink ·Work done by gravity is negative ·Ideal Fluid: Incompressible, nonviscous, steady, no turbulence ·KE=energy of motion, PE based on position or shape ·Buoyant Force arises from the fact that pressure on an obj. ·↑temperature,↑velocity,↑kinetic energy immersed in a fluid is always larger on the bottom than top ·Hooke’s Law: work done by F ext will be positive ·Fluids are difficult to compress, gas are easy to compress work done by spring will be equal in magnitude but negative ·If walls are not perpendicular, it would generate fluid flow ·ΔPE=Conservative Forces: Work done depends only on contrary to the assumption that fluid is at rest displacement not path, trajectory or velocity ·Bernoulli’s Principle: Can’t lose energy in water (Fluid ideal ) ·Nonconservative Force: Frictional Force, depends on all above
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