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Physics Index 3 (front) - Thermodynamics •ΔU=Q in W by(W...

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Temperature •T(K)=T°C+273.15 •212°F=100°C (H 2 O boils), 32°F=0°C (H 2 O freezes) 98.6°F=37°C(body temp.) , 68°F=20°C(room temp.) •ΔL=αLΔT (α:H 2 O:70x10 -6 Al:25x10 -6 Pyrex:3x10 -6 ) •ΔA=2αA ΔT •ΔV=3αV ΔT=βV ΔT •(F/A)=stress=Yα ΔT (Y=bulk modulus) •U(internal E)=(3/2)nRT (monatomic n:#molecules,R:1.38x10 -23 ) U=(5/2)nRT (diatomic n:#molecules,R:1.38x10 -23 ) •1cal=4.186J, 1Calorie=1kcal=1000cal=4.186kJ
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Unformatted text preview: Thermodynamics •ΔU=Q in +W by (W by =work done by system) (Q>0heat added, W>0work is done) •Q=mcΔT (Q=heat flow, c=specific heat) (c water :1.00cal/g°C=1.00kcal/kg°C=4.186kJ/kg°C) (c human body :0.83kcal/kg°C=3.470kJ/kg°C) •Q(latent heat)=mL (H 2 O:L f =80cal/g,L v =540cal/g) (ethanol L f =25cal/g,L v =204cal/g) •Power=Energy given up/time...
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