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Physics Index 4 (front)

Physics Index 4 (front) - 1 A 1 cm length of wire in a...

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1. A 1 cm length of wire in a coronary stent increases by ΔL=.10μm when the temperature changes by ΔT. By how much would the length of a 0.5 cm sample of wire increase for the same temperature change? 2. A hole in tan aluminum plate has a diameter of 1.250 cm at T=20°C. At what temperature is the diameter of the hole equal to 1.251 cm? The thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum is α=24x10 -6 °C 3. At a temperature of 4°C, 1.00 g of water occupies a volume of 1.000cm³. At what temperature has the volume increased by 0.1% from its value at 4°C? The volume expansion for water is 210E-6°C. 4. Using some reasonable values for temperature, area, and emissivity of the surface of the adult human body, an individual will radiate energy at a net rate of 60 W in an environment with a comfortable room temperature of 20°C. How long does it take to radiate away energy contained in a 230 kcal donut? 5. Two electrical charges are placed 1 m apart and repel each other with a force of 100N. If they are then moved so that they are 05 m apart the force becomes..?
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