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University of Connecticut Andrea Kam (#1594206) Sociology 107 October 1, 2007 Extra Credit The Thomas Dodd Prize International Justice and Human Rights awards were given to those who devoted their time and careers to help protect human rights. Thomas J. Dodd played many roles, some of which were; FBI agent and a lawyer prosecuting those who were members of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). However, most importantly he was a passionate fighter for human right for all people. The first International Justice and Human Rights award was given to the Center for Justice and Accountability. They used the rule of law to judge the perpetrators and not the death penalty, and held the human rights abusers accountable for their work, which consisted of human rights abuses around the world. Torture is a method used by all governments, in order to receive information because it is thought to be an effective
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Unformatted text preview: method. Torture is a silence act, which we must speak out about, to rule the law of silence. The second International Justice and Human Rights was awarded to the Mental disability Rights and International, which fought for human rights for those people who have mental disabilities. There have been many attempts to end abuses against people with disabilities, however, often times they have been overlooked. People with disabilities, are segregated from society and looked at as outcasts. For example, the first people victims in the Holocaust were those who had mental disabilities and the Nazis realized that once you dehumanized them, you could get away with anything. Every human being in society is important, and if they are cut off from society, they will die....
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