Sociology Short Answer Final Exam

Sociology Short Answer Final Exam - Short Answers 1 What do...

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Short Answers: 1. What do dope dealers have in common with such the robber barons as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie? According to the opportunity structure theory, it is when the U.S. society places enormous stress on the pursuit of material success. Hence, Dope dealers and robber barons as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie are similar because they all wish to enrich themselves. They engage in a mode of adaptation, which can entail deviant behavior and it leads to the mode of innovation, which is making money illegally. 2. How, if at all, does opportunity theory say that deviants contribute to revolution? The opportunity theory says that deviants contribute to a revolution because according to Robert Merton, the term rebellion is the invention of new cultural goals and new means of achieving them, which may contradict the dominant society. However, a person who has devoted their lives to the revolutionary organization or transformative social movement is capable of causing change and adapting to a rebellion. 3. Distinguish between being called deviant for one’s actions or for one’s being. Being called deviant for one’s action is when a person in society violates the social norms of the dominant group. Having power, gives the dominant group to privilege to define others as deviant in terms of their very being. Since, the dominant group view themselves as normal; those who are categorized as deviant for their being are known as “the others” because they are dissimilar from the dominant group. 4. Is it deviant NOT to have children? Explain your answer Yes it is deviant to not to have children because according to motherhood norms, it is a standard of behavior holding that that normal women want to have children. Edwin Schur argues that it is maternal instinct in all females that drives them to child birth and child rearing, and those who are incapable of reproducing at objects of sympathy. When a women refuses to mother it is considered an act that contradicts the norm. 5. There are lots of explanations for why middle-class African Americans have lower median scores on the SAT’s than whites with a comparable income. Explain one theory covered in class. African Americans have lower SATS scores than whites with a comparable income. One theory would be self fulfilling prophecy in which people achieve to the level expected of them rather to the level which they are actually capable. Therefore, school faculty members have the expectation that children of different skin color to be less intelligent and thus assign them to lower tracks. On the other hand, children who come from white middle or higher class are enrolled in college preparatory tracks, which would aid and prepare the student better in standardized tests such as the SAT’s. 6.
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Sociology Short Answer Final Exam - Short Answers 1 What do...

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