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antiobiotic - After conducting a spore stain on the...

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The purpose of the “Isolation of Antibiotic producing microbe” is to be able to isolate an antibiotic producing microbe. Be able to distinguish the isolates morphology, arrangement of cells and there morphology, in addition, conduct gram stains, motility preparation and spore stains (as necessary). Lastly, be able to determine the spectrum of antibiotic activity. The isolated antibiotic producing microbe is a bacterium, this is determined because typically the growth of a fungus colony. The growth of a bacterium colony typically does not have that characteristic. The isolated bacterium is a light lavender color (almost gray). It is umbonate, irregular and undulate. The isolated bacterium grew on an ISP2 agar plate. After observing the isolated bacterium under the microscope, it possessed a rod shape and they were in clusters. Then gram reaction of the isolated bacterium was gram positive. . It showed negative results for motility when the wet mount preparation was conducted.
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Unformatted text preview: After conducting a spore stain on the isolated bacterium, it showed signs of spore (green vegetative cells surrounded by pink) After conducting the “Isolation of Antibiotic producing microbe” lab the organisms that were susceptible to the substances produced by the isolate antibiotic producing microbe were Bacillis subtilis and Candida albican. This was shown by the inhibition zone produced between the antibiotic and the organism. The size of the inhibition zone is dependent by rate of diffusion of the substance through the agar, density of the inoculums, growth rate of the organism and its susceptibility to the antibiotic. The inhibition zone for was 3mm Bacillis subtilis and 1mm for Candida albican . However, the inhibitor that I had isolated for my antibiotic did not produce a clear zone. This could have been due to the fact that the inhibitor selected was not the correct one or cross contamination may have taken place....
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