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Distribution of Microorganisms

Distribution of Microorganisms - Distribution of...

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Distribution of Microorganisms (3) The purpose of the “Distribution of Microorganisms” lab is to view and document the various types of microbial organisms that are present in our immediate environment by purposely contaminating the petri dishes of nutrient agar to show microbial organism development. After conducting this lab, it shows that there are many types of organisms that are present in our environment and the importance of disinfecting. The specimen with the bench swab (swab was sterilized with the wescodyne), did not show any trace of bacterial organisms growing on the agar because the wescodyne is a disinfectant that destroys bacteria. In addition, the control specimen did not contain any contamination because it was not exposed to anything. On the other hand, the specimens that was purposely contaminated to culture microbial organisms, showed growth of bacterial microorganisms because none of the swabs were sterilized with the wescodyne. These specimens included 30 minutes lab air, hair, desk and chair swab. In addition, this experiment
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