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MCB Lab 1 - circular in shape However once the 100X...

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After conducting the gram stain on the bacteria Bacillus subtilis , it showed the bacteria to be gram positive because it retained the crystal violet stain. Therefore, it made the bacteria’s structure more visible and easier to view under the optical microscope. The use of different magnifications (4x, 10x and 100x oil immersion) helped to improve the visual characteristics of Bacillus subtilis . Under the 4X magnification, Bacillus subtilis appeared to resemble tiny purple specks. When the magnification was increased to 10X, Bacillus subtilis appeared to be more
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Unformatted text preview: circular in shape. However, once the 100X magnification oil immersion lens was used, it clearly showed the Bacillus subtilis to possess a rod like shape. While, viewing the specimens under the microscope, it provides students with a firsthand experience on how to use the microscope, learn the parts of the microscope and their functions. In conclusion, gram staining allows lab students to determine the structure of the bacteria in the optical microscope more precisely, which allows them to compose more accurate and detailed drawings of the bacteria....
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