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The purpose of the “Nitrate Reduction” is to be able to differentiate anaerobic respiration from respiration and fermentation. In addition, be able to conduct tests on organisms to see if they are capable of reducing nitrate and differentiate those organisms that are capable to further reduce the nitrite to nitrogen gas. In order to test for nitrate reduction and denitrification, it is imperative to make the culture anaerobic. Hence, after incubating the culture in a strictly anaerobic environment, the addition of the reagents Nitrate A and Nitrate B where placed in the test tubes to verify whether or not the organisms were able to reduce nitrate to nitrite. Bacillis subtilis was the organism that produced an immediate bright red color, which verifies that nitrite is present because when nitrite is present in the test tube, the addition of the reagent will produce a red color, which indicates that nitrite is present. Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Eneterococcus faecalis did not display any color
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