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Nitrate reduction 1

Nitrate reduction 1 - The purpose of the Microbial Lab is...

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The purpose of the “Microbial Lab” is to be able to determine the growth rate with the use of the spectrophotometer. In addition, be able to determine the generation time of a culture on the basis of two different temperatures (28° C and 37°C) Microbial growth can be distinguished into different phases. According, to our results at time zero it is the point during the growth rate, which contains the least amount of microbial organisms. This stage is known as the lag phase, when the inoculum is transferred to a fresh medium; it is the initiation step for microbial because it takes time for the microbial organism to adjust to its new environment. As time progressed it can be seen that the growth rate of the microbial organisms began to increase leading to an exponential phase, where the growth rate is at its maximal peak. After the exponential phase occurs, there is a decrease in microbial growth, which indicates the stationary phase, where the division of cells begins to decline. It is the point
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