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midterm1_w02 - EECS 215 Winter 2002 Midterm I Name Room...

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EECS 215 Winter 2002 Midterm I Name: Room: Lecture Section Rules: 1. 6-7:30 PM Monday, February 11, 2002 Plus Make-up times including 6-7:30 PM Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2002 2. Closed Book, Closed Notes, etc. 3. Calculators Needed and Allowed 4. Work to be done in Exam booklet. 5. DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK OF PAGES. 6. Exam given under CoE Honor Code 7. Show your work and briefly explain major steps to maximize partial credit. (ex: i3=i1+i2 node A KCL). NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF NO WORK IS SHOWN. 8. WRITE YOUR FINAL ANSWERS IN THE AREAS PROVIDED This Exam Contains 3 problem over 9 pages (including workspace). Write and Sign the College of Engineering Honor Code Below (NO credit will be given for the exam without a signed pledge): 1
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Problem 1 (30 points) For the circuit below (from problem 8, problem set 3): + - 20 2 1 40 4 80 35io 20V 3.125V0 io + Vo - A B + - V1 V2 V3 we know that the node voltage are V1=-20.25V, V2=+10V, V3=-29V. Indicate the amount of power either delievered or dissipated by each circuit element using the passive sign convention: P 20
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