midterm1_w05 - EECS 215 Winter 2005 Midterm I Name: Room:...

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1 EECS 215 Winter 2005 Midterm I Name: Room: Lecture Section Rules: 1. 6-7:30 PM Monday, February 14, 2005 2. Closed Book 3. One 8.5x11” single sided page of notes allowed 4. Calculators Needed and Allowed. No devices with full alphanumeric keyboards are permitted. 5. Work to be done in Exam booklet. 6. Solutions may be given in rounded numerical form (no more than 6 and no less than 3 significant digits) or in full fractions (not required). Include signs in your answers (+/-) 7. DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK OF PAGES. 8. Exam given under CoE Honor Code Use of cell phones, cameras, personal data assistants, computers, or any other electronic devices besides approved calculators will be treated as an Honor Code violation. 9. Show your work and briefly explain major steps to maximize partial credit. (ex: i3=i1+i2 ,node A, KCL). NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF NO WORK IS SHOWN. 10. WRITE YOUR FINAL ANSWERS IN THE AREAS PROVIDED This Exam Contains 3 problems over 17 pages (including workspace). Problems 2&3 use the same circuit but can be done independently. 3b does require that you have numerical answers for both 2&3a Sign the College of Engineering Honor Code Below (NO credit will be given for the exam without a signed pledge): I have neither given nor received aid on this examination. Signed:_________________________________________
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2 Problem 1: Mesh Analysis & Power Conservation (30 points) a) Use mesh analysis to find the mesh currents in the circuit shown below. Write the mesh equations so that the only unknowns are
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midterm1_w05 - EECS 215 Winter 2005 Midterm I Name: Room:...

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