06 Lesson Stress II

06 Lesson Stress II - Stress II (Health and Stress...

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Stress II (Health and Stress Management) ASSIGNMENT a. Study text Chapter 13 (Pg. 525-536, 541-547). b. Study Course Guide Reading 2: Moderating Stress c. Complete Exercise 6-1, Type A/Type B Personality Questionnaire. d. Review Questions: Chapter 13 practice test questions 9-12, 14-15 (pg 549). e. Answer IPO 6 f. Exercises 6-2 and 6-3 are optional exercises that will help you in applying key lesson concepts. LESSON OBJECTIVE 6.1 Summarize the effects of stress on performance and health. 6.2 Design a plan to maximize wellness in your unit by addressing factors to moderate stress and avoid health-impairing behavior. 6.3 Discuss various coping strategies. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 6-1. Summarize the effects of stress on psychological functioning. Stress takes a toll on a person’s ability to perform effectively on a task at hand. Stress impairs performance on cognitive tasks which suggest that stress makes it harder for people to suppress competing thoughts. Burnout involves physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and a lowered sense of self-efficacy that can be brought on gradually by chronic work-related stress. Exhaustion which is central to burnout includes chronic fatigue, weakness, and low energy. Burnout also involves cynicism and reduced self-efficacy. Chronic stress might contribute to much type of psychological problems and mental disorders. In particular, stress plays a central role in posttraumatic stress syndrome, which is an enduring psychological disturbance attributable to the experience of a major traumatic event. Research also suggests stress can promote personal growth or self-improvement. 6-2. Describe the effects of stress on long-term physical health as it relates to the following issues. a. Type A Behavior and heart disease.
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06 Lesson Stress II - Stress II (Health and Stress...

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