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ch02 - Chapter 2 Concept of Electronic Commerce and the...

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Chapter 2 Concept of Electronic Commerce and the Traditional Marketing Process h Test Bank 1. In traditional marketing, a situation analysis forms the foundation of opinions and facts, with better marketing planning and marketing implementation being the result. In electronic marketing, is this also the case? A. Yes B. No Answer: A Page: 24 2. One advantage of the online environment is that it makes which of the following research tools more accessible? A. opinion studies B. international trade figures C. consumer behavior statistics D. government statistics E. all of the above Answer: E Page: 24 3. Various marketing processes, including those done in annual cycles, are also done in electronic marketing, but there is one unique feature that e-marketing resources add beyond traditional marketing. What is that factor? A. that it costs more to do the same processes B. the use of computer systems C. a bigger sales staff D. the need to advertise on the Internet E. interactivity between the e-marketer and the consumer Answer: E Page: 24 4. The number of Internet users is
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170    Electronic Marketing 5. Based on recent demographic surveys of Internet users, it is clear that
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