ch03 - Chapter 3 Marketing Planning Stage for Online...

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Chapter 3 Marketing Planning Stage for Online Activities h Test Bank 1. TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, the tools which carry and deliver the “image” of a marketed product or service, are known as its A. positioners. B. branding. C. identity. D. product luster. E. media tool kit. Answer: C Page: 50 2. Given a unique product or service and a small, focused target market, a strategy designed to set a product or service apart from competitors is known as A. niche strategy. B. mass marketing approach. C. undifferentiated. D. open-ended. E. unfocused. Answer: A Page: 50 3. Qualities considered to be desirable by an offline market segment, such as accurate prices and quick customer responses, should be equally valued by online market segments. A. True B. False Answer: A Page: 51 4. During market segmentation, the investigation of prospect clusters according to lifestyle and self- concept is referred to as A. demographics. B. partitioning. C. target positioning. D. psychographics. E. unpopular. Answer: D Page: 53
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176    Electronic Marketing 5. The essence of buyer benefits for a particular product or service can be communicated by creating a memorable A. infomercial. B. positioning line that can be delivered in an advertisement. C. full page newspaper ad. D. consumer report to be mailed to potential buyers. E. public relations event. Answer: B Page: 55 6. CDs, videos, books, and software sell well online because A. there is very little risk associated with buying such well-known items. B. there are few physical retail stores that sell these items. C. usually sellers of these items do not charge for delivery. D. federal and state laws protect online customers of these products. E. they are at least 50% cheaper online than in physical stores. Answer: A Page: 57 7. The top three items purchased online from June of 1997 to June of 1998 were A. travel, computers and music. B.
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ch03 - Chapter 3 Marketing Planning Stage for Online...

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