ch04 - 4 The Actions of Marketing Implementation T Test...

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4 The Actions of Marketing Implementation T Test Bank 1. The implementation of marketing programs means A. planning marketing programs. A. organizing marketing programs. B. executing marketing programs. C. analyzing the results of marketing programs. D. All of the above. Answer: C Page: 73 2. Implementation actions require A. creativity. B. cunning. C. critical thinking. D. a and b above. E. a and c. Answer: E Page: 73 3. Marketing planning A. continually focuses on reviewing past performances. B. focuses on the future, typically no longer than thirty days. C. has no time orientation. D. has a long term orientation up to several months. E. puts plans into action immediately. Answer: D Page: 74 4. The goal of consumer tracking is to A. identify the prospect. B. retain and build a relationship with the customer. C. build a customer profile database. D. all of the above. E. b and c above. Answer: E Page: 75 5. "Coupon Keys" are A. techniques to get the customer to buy. B. a promotion to give instant coupons to the customer. C. a way to trigger the customer to pick one brand over another. D. electronic keys to " open the doors" to more information for the customer. E. identification codes. Answer: E Page: 75
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182    Electronic Marketing 6. Attracting new customers is about how many times more costly than selling to and servicing existing customers? A. equal B. 3 times more costly C. 7 times more costly D. 10 times more costly E. 20 times more costly Answer: C Page: 76 7. Marketers learn about customer's concerns by A. reading their e-mail. B.
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ch04 - 4 The Actions of Marketing Implementation T Test...

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