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ch06 - Chapter 6 Concept of the Virtual Store for Marketing...

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Chapter 6 Concept of the Virtual Store for Marketing Products and Services h Test Bank 1. A 1998 Arbitron survey reported what percent of participants use the Internet for shopping? A. 5.3% B. 10.0% C. 18.7% D. 21.5% E. 26.0% Answer: E Page: 112 2. The primary functions to address in managing the traditional tangible store are A. finance and marketing. B. operations and loss control. C. personnel staffing, training, and development. D. finance, marketing, and operations. E. location, purchasing, and inventory management. Answer: D Page: 112 3. The principles of retail management in a virtual environment are carried out A. in the front office. B. on the web site. C. in Office 2000. D. in the back office. E. at regional offices nationally. Answer: D Page: 112 4. The JCPenney monster web site is directed towards 5. Which of the following is not an advantage of the virtual store?
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194    Electronic Marketing 6. Disadvantages of the cyberstore include
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