ch08 - Chapter 8 Segmenting and Analyzing the Target Market...

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Chapter 8 Segmenting and Analyzing the Target Market h Test Bank 1. Approximately how many households are in the U.S.? A. 83 million B. 97 million C. 109.5 million D. 121.7 million E. 130 million Answer: E Page: 160 2. Geographic targeting can be can be used to profile A. individual people. B. zip codes and census tracts. C. states and counties. D. b and c above. E. a and b above. Answer: D Page: 160 3. Marketers can get demographic characteristics on how many different household clusters? A. 25 B. 38 C. 43 D. 50 E. None, because no two households are alike. Answer: D Page: 160 4. An example of a longitudinal database is A. B. Disney's release of videos by generation. C. Ford's tracking of individuals successive car purchases. D. a and c above. E. a, b, and c above. Answer: E Page: 160-161 5. Databases can provide marketers with what type of data? A. Demographics and housing characteristics. B. Lifestyle and purchasing behavior. C. Socioeconomic and lifestyle. D. All of the above. E. None of the above. Answer: D Page: 162
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206    Electronic Marketing  6. Demographers have found that people with similar social, economic, and demographic characteristics tend to A. respond the best to e-marketing programs. B. freely spend large amounts of discretionary income. C. be equally spread throughout the U.S. D. be very cautious about giving out personal information. E. live together in clusters. Answer: E Page: 162 7. Successful segmentation strategies are based on A. accurately defining demographic profiles only. B.
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ch08 - Chapter 8 Segmenting and Analyzing the Target Market...

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