ch09 - Chapter 9 Integrating the Promotional Mix h Test...

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Chapter 9 Integrating the Promotional Mix h Test Bank 1. One new technology, exemplified by Alexa Internet, is to deliver product or service information to Internet consumers more effectively and involves the use of what is known as A. customization profiles. B. personalization profiles. C. web use tracking. D. habit patterns. E. navigation customization. Answer: C Page: 181 2. Alexa Internet provides A. summary data regarding web site sales. B. a tool bar which lists site statistics, including “hits” and sales data. C. alternative sites similar to the one accessed. D. a “trust-rating” for the site accessed. E. B and C above. Answer: B Page: 181 3. There is no difference between the traditional promotional mix for products and services via regular channels and the electronic promotional mix. A. True B. False Answer: B Page: 181 4. Which of the elements of the promotional mix below are media-based and therefore provide a tested means of communication that can be adapted for Internet communications? A. direct marketing and sales promotion B. advertising C. personal selling D. direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion and public relations E. none of the above Answer: D Page: 181 5. The WWW can be used as part of a “grand” promotional plan under the following circumstances: A. at the present time, a promotional plan based solely on the WWW cannot be relied upon. B. only in the marketing of products versus services. C. if a traditional promotional plan has been ineffective. D. if the majority of the target market for the commercial offering on-line. E. if the number of households containing a computer is less than 20%. Answer: A Page: 182
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212    Electronic Marketing  6. One of the important considerations for the marketer when developing on-line communication strategies is A. to think about quick delivery of information. B. to assure accuracy in delivered information. C. to emphasize dialogue with customers not monologue. D. there are no substantive differences communication capacity. E. traditional media is actually better at dialogue than Internet strategy. Answer:
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ch09 - Chapter 9 Integrating the Promotional Mix h Test...

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