ch10 - Chapter 10 Using the Internet h Test Bank 1. The...

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Chapter 10 Using the Internet h Test Bank 1. The informal rules of behavior for the Internet have evolved over time and are generally described by the term A. Netiquette. B. Acceptable Net Usage (ANU). C. Internet rules and standards. D. FTP. E. there are no informal rules of behavior. Answer: A Page: 224 2. People who use various resources on the Internet come from many nations and many social classes. They are sometimes called A. Cybernauts. B. Internet geeks. C. Netizens (network citizens). D. Internet explorers. E. Cyber critters. Answer: C Page: 224 3. “Flaming” is A. a practice that is encouraged on the net. B. a practice that is funny. C. a difficult skill to learn. D. sending an argumentative or belligerent response. E. burning out your computer modem. Answer: D Page: 225 4. Typing a mail message completely in upper case is A. more efficient than lower case. B. is typically considered to be SHOUTING. C. is only for printing. D. can only be done in UNIX. E. disables the spell checking. Answer: B Page: 225
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218    Electronic Marketing  5. Sending e-mails on the Internet does not allow nuances and emotions of communication to be transmitted. One can simulate emotions with the use of A. special control codes. B. emoticons. C. pictures. D. extended explanations of the emotions. E. all upper case typing. Answer: B Page: 225 6. Multimedia capability was added to the Internet in 1993. Prior to that time all transmissions on the Internet were essentially A. not done with a "browser". B. in black and white. C. character-based. D. frequently limited to academic and research messages. E. all of the above. Answer: E Page: 213 7. There are numerous types of content available on the World Wide Web. These different types of content can be used tactically by both marketers and consumers. A.
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ch10 - Chapter 10 Using the Internet h Test Bank 1. The...

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