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Chapter 13 Considerations for Ongoing Customer Communications h Test Bank 1. Companies who are responsive to customer e-mails often install special software systems to A. acknowledge receipt of customer messages. B. eliminate telephone charges to the customer. C. reduce the need for direct contact with a customer service representative. D. minimize the amount of time a customer has to use to communicate with the company. E. all of the above. Answer: E Page: 286 2. The best indicator of a product's quality is the customer's A. initial purchase. B. repurchase. C. communication to the company of his or her satisfaction. D. communication of satisfaction to friends and family. E. use of coupons. Answer: B Page: 286 3. It is now possible for computers to recognize and respond with equal accuracy to both written and spoken communication. A. True B. False Answer: B Page: 287 4. According to a recent study, fully two thirds of all documented customer dissatifaction results from A. product failure. B. poor service. C. communication breakdown. D. bad value. E. misleading advertising. Answer: C Page: 289 5. A recent examination of 125 sites for customer e-mail responsiveness indicated that the most responsive sites were A. travel sites. B. commercial air lines. C. wholesalers. D. retail shopping sites. E. government tourism sites. Answer: Page: 289
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236    Electronic Marketing 6. Decisions concerning customer service standards should be made by A. customers. B. marketers. C. managers. D. outside consulting firms. E. customer service representatives. Answer: A Page: 290 7. The most important source of customer communication a company should monitor is A. formal customer surveys. B. complaints. C. compliments. D. e-mail. E.
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ch13 - Chapter 13 Considerations for Ongoing Customer...

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