ch14 - Chapter 14 Establishing and Promoting the Virtual...

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Chapter 14 Establishing and Promoting the Virtual Store h Test Bank 1. I have a business idea and I’m ready to start doing business on the Internet. Which of the following is the best way to implement my decision? A. to develop the side myself using HTML. B. to have a Webfront store developer create my site. C. locate my site at a stand-alone address. D. have my site appear at a cyber-mall. E. each of these is a decision that must be made based on my market circumstances. Answer: E Page: 303 2. When it comes to traditional organizational responsibilities, the difference(s) between running a “real” business and running an e-commerce business is/are in the area(s) of A. financial affairs. B. production concerns. C. marketing concerns. D. both B and C. E. there are no differences. Answer: E Page: 306 3. Bankers are sometimes hesitant to loan money to e-businesses to pay for A. marketing and advertising expenditures. B. telephone equipment. C. production equipment. D. office furniture. E. operating supplies. Answer: A Page: 307 4. All of the following are important for successful e-commerce except A. adequate servers. B. well-trained technical personnel. C. deep pile carpeting in the office. D. quick connections. E. ample telephone lines. Answer: C Page: 307
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242    Electronic Marketing 5. If your web site is locate on a hosting service’s equipment A. the costs will be 5-15 time than if you would do it yourself. B. this is not a good idea. C. the ISP bears the expense of equipment upgrades and repairs. D. you will always bear equipment upgrades and repairs expenses. E. potential customers cannot view your web site. Answer: C Page: 309 6. If you are going to build your own web storefront using virtual-store building software or some other software tool, a good (free) place to look for current information is A. in the yellow pages. B. the public library periodicals section. C.
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ch14 - Chapter 14 Establishing and Promoting the Virtual...

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