ch16 - Chapter 16 Special Opportunities for...

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Chapter 16 Special Opportunities for Business-to-Business Situations h Test Bank 1. There are about ___________________ million companies in the world, according to the Dun & Bradstreet worldwide database. A. 100 B. 1 C. 5 D. 40 E. less than 1 Answer: D Page: 347 2. According to Dun and Bradstreet reports, _______ American businesses currently pursue an online presence. A. 50,000 B. 75,000 C. 100,000 D. 333,000 E. 665,000 Answer: D Page: 347 3. E-business entails the activities of marketing and selling in business-to-business transactions. A. True B. False Answer: A Page: 346 4. Initially, many companies first began to use e-business capabilities to A. automate procurement. B. network procurement systems. C. both A and B. D. set up auction sites. E. file government required business reports. Answer: C Page: 350 5. All of the following are among the values delivered by e-business except A. reach new markets. B. build customer loyalty. C. reduced access to information. D. enhance human capital. E. create new products. Answer: C Page: 350 - 351
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254    Electronic Marketing 6. The new insurance coverage known as Net Secure protects e-commerce sites against A. hackers. B. spammers. C. loss of intellectual property. D. viruses. E. all of the above. Answer: E Page: 353 7. The WWW is used by consulting firms to market management and advisory services regarding which business subjects? A. virtual seminar for e-businesses B. consultative selling C. partnerships D. "service gaps" E. all of the above Answer: E Page: 356 - 357 8. The standard way for exchanging business to business trading information today is A. Open Buying on the Internet (OBI). B. approved by the Better Business Bureau. C. via e-mail. D. via snail-mail. E. is very slow. Answer: A Page: 350 9. Disadvantages of e-business business-to-business commerce include all of the following except A. lost contact with distribution channels. B.
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ch16 - Chapter 16 Special Opportunities for...

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