ch18 - Chapter 18 Implications to the International...

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Chapter 18 Implications to the International Marketing Program h Test Bank 1. The evaluation of international marketing processes and potential is conducted in much the same way as the evaluation of marketing in the U.S. A. True B. False Answer: A Page: 366 2. MIT Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte expects the next wave of e-commerce growth to take place in A. Mexico. B. Australia. C. the Third World. D. Asia. E. California. Answer: C Page: 369 3. Two trustworthy indicators of a country’s means for general consumption are its A. sports viewership and religious membership. B. infrastructure and economic development. C. size and population. D. regulatory laws and degree of personal freedom. E. consumption history and governmental structure. Answer: B Page: 369 4. The one country in the Americas with a completely digital telephone system is A. Canada B. Belize C. U.S. D. Brazil E. Uruguay Answer: E Page: 370 5. A Web page’s home country can be determined by A. the flag in the upper right-hand corner. B. a three-number code following the domain name. C. clicking on the “home country” link. D. a 2-3 letter code at the end of the domain name. E. there is no sure way to tell. Answer: D Page: 369
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10    Electronic Marketing 6. According to the GVU 8 th User Survey, European shoppers have generally been online 2-3 years longer than American shoppers. A. True B. False Answer: A Page: 373 - 374 7. By the year 2002, Dataquest predicts that the number of computers connected to the Internet in Europe will reach A. 17 million. B. 69 million. C. 42 million. D. 200 million. E. 5 million. Answer: B Page: 374 8. The only country in Europe not yet online is A. Finland B. Switzerland C. Italy D. Spain E. all are online Answer: E Page: 374 - 375 9. According to a recent Jupiter survey of user perceptions, the majority of residents with household Internet access in Britain, France, and Germany report their understanding of the Internet to be A. good. B.
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ch18 - Chapter 18 Implications to the International...

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