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Case # 1 FedEx Corporation Business strategy The company’s mission is to produce superior financial return for its shareowners as its serves its customers with highest quality transportation, logistic, and e-commerce solution. The company develops a new strategy plan which was unveiled in January 2000. The new strategy plan is based on three principles. 1. To leverage a significant point of competitive differentiation where each company of the FedEx family operates independently but competes collectively 2. To extend the strength of the powerful FedEx brand name to three subsidiaries and to holding company 3. To provide a single point of access to customers for sale, customer services, billing, and automation systems. The company corporate philosophy is “People-Service-Profit”. New strategy to generate substantial incremental revenues and profits focuses on several strategy growth opportunities: 1. To generate incremental volume in its core transportation business by cross- selling all FedEx services 2. To attract new business from small and medium sized customers 3. To create new revenue streams and new FedEx home delivery services 4. To capitalize on-e-commerce 5. To provide meaningful supply chain solutions. Human Resource Strategy: The company believes that the employees are most important component whose commitment and dedication is continuing prosperity. The company has been cited routinely for its no-layoff policy, minority recruitment effort, and guaranteed fair treatment practice(GFTP).In 1987 company won the Personal Journal Optima Award is treaded as abenchmark.In1990 won Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Personal and human resource maintains a highly motivated, productive, and satisfied workforce by providing leading edge training, technology tracking capabilities, outstanding safety, renowned benefits, and dedicated personnel services.
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Technology FedEx uses PRISM HRIS program. It maintains the job applicant database and Process new hires. PRISM HRIS also support posting and bidding. Survey-Feedback-Action (SFA). Manager meets employees and discusses employee concern problems and take corrective action to overcome the problems. Another indicator is to minimize safety risks. Total Quality Management Quality action teams are used to reach the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Two programs a arranged by company first one is “Quality Advantage ” which cover the basic of quality management and other is “Quality Action Teams” where the team is learned . Communication Communication keeps everyone informed to boost morale the example of FedEx are the internal television network, open door policy and internal employees response program . Training
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37468760-Assignment - Case 1 FedEx Corporation Business...

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