2 - Chapter 2 Evolution of Management Thought CHAPTER 2...

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Chapter 2: Evolution of Management Thought CHAPTER 2 EVOLUTION OF MANAGEMENT THOUGHT LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Describe the major influences on the development of management thought. 2. Identify the five major perspectives of management thought that have evolved over the years. 3. Describe the different subfields that exist in the classical perspective of management and discuss the central focus of each. 4. Describe the theories of the major contributors to the behavioral perspective of management. 5. Describe the characteristics of the quantitative perspective of management. 6. Describe the systems perspective building blocks and their interactions. 7. Discuss the nature of the contingency perspective of management. 8. Discuss the future issues that will affect the further development of management thought. CHAPTER OVERVIEW This chapter familiarizes students with the evolution of management thought. It describes the contributions to management thinking by the primary contributors over the years. The information is categorized by the major schools of management thought, including the (1) classical perspective, (2) behavioral perspective, (3) quantitative perspective, (4) systems perspective, and (5) contingency perspective. The chapter also includes a review of the environmental factors that influence management thinking, including economic, political, social, technological, and global factors. Understanding of the history of management thought helps us explain present day management practices and will help us understand what improvements can be made for the future. For instance, elements of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management still exist in many jobs, which is appropriate in some cases and inappropriate in others. PEDAGOGY GRID Chapter Boxes Main Points Facing the Challenge/Meeting the Challenge: “Sony Shock:” Crisis at the Electronics Giant Sony’s big challenges are to start making electronic devices more profitably and to solve the dilemma of how to get its gadgets and media content working together in a way that will make consumers want to pay a premium price for them. Leaders in Action: Publix’s New Flavor Publix takes advantage of a rapidly growing market segment by converting some stores to a Hispanic format. 16
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Chapter 2: Evolution of Management Thought At the Forefront: The Golden Goose is a Potato The potato industry in Florida faced a crisis of demand. A new kind of potato bred in Holland and with fewer carbohydrates and calories is reviving the industry. Now Apply It: Theory X and Theory Y. Do you identify with the assumptions of Theory X or Theory Y? Your assumptions about people influence the way you interact with them. LECTURE NOTES
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2 - Chapter 2 Evolution of Management Thought CHAPTER 2...

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