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0324302592_62406 - Chapter 11 Communicating Effectively...

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Chapter 11: Communicating Effectively within Diverse Organizations CHAPTER 11 COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY WITHIN DIVERSE ORGANIZATIONS LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Explain the role of communication in the organization and why it is so complex for managers to understand. 2. Define communication and explain how to achieve high-quality communication. 3. Describe the components of the communication process. 4. Identify the primary categories of interpersonal communication. 5. Discuss the role of technological communication and information use in the workplace. 6. Address the primary reasons why managers communicate. 7. Explain the barriers that interfere with effective communication. 8. Discuss the types of formal communication channels. 9. Describe the principles for effective feedback. 10. Specify the guidelines for becoming a good listener. CHAPTER OVERVIEW This chapter is dedicated to describing the importance of effective communications in organizations. Initially, the topic of interpersonal communication is covered, with an equal emphasis on verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. The basic elements in the communication process are described, along with the common barriers to effective communication. The attention of the chapter then turns to managing communication within diverse organizations. Prescriptions are provided for developing quality feedback skills and improved listening habits. PEDAGOGY GRID Chapter Boxes Main Points Facing the Challenge/Meeting the Challenge: TDIndustries TDI conducts all of its business practices based on a deeply held philosophy of servant leadership. TDI continuously communicates and test its business theory and its values and vision as it affects all partners. Now Apply It: E Is for E-Mail Etiquette E-mail is a great convenience, but can sometimes be a barrier to good communication. At the Forefront: FedEx Captures the Best of Communication is at the center of 158
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Chapter 11: Communicating Effectively within Diverse Organizations Communication Activities everything. You can’t execute strategy if you can’t communicate about it. Leaders in Action: Listening and Learning Builds Success The highly successful safety program at Epic Divers and Marine emphasizes constant communication so that employees can continually learn from each other. LECTURE NOTES Introduction Excellence in communication can do more to advance an organization or a promising career than almost any other factor. Communication Complexity A. Communication is the process that managers use to interact with subordinates, peers supervisors, customers, suppliers, owners, the general public, and others. 1. Complexity Issues a. Senders, messages, channels, and receivers do not remain constant or static. b.
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0324302592_62406 - Chapter 11 Communicating Effectively...

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