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Unformatted text preview: AMS 540 / MBA 540 (Fall, 2010) Estie Arkin Linear Programming - Homework Set # 1 Due in class on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. Formulate the following problems. I suggest you solve your formulations by some LP package, to check whether the formulation makes sense! You do not have to turn in computer printout. 1). A bicycle manufacturer uses the same frame for both its 3-speed and 5-speed models. The plant can produce 100 frames a day, and buy up to an additional 100 frames at a cost of $4 per bought frame. Other parts are all bought from a supplier (tires, brakes, gears etc). The final two stages of production are to apply the appropriate finish, and then assemble. There are 40 hours of finishing and 50 hours of assembling available each day (at no cost). Upto 16 additional hours of finishing can be obtained, at a cost of $6 per hour. Upto 14 additional hours of assembling can be obtained, at a cost of $4.50 per hour. The profit is $12 for a 3-speed and $15 for a 5-speed bicycle. Each 3-speed bicycle requiresat a cost of $4....
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