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Unformatted text preview: AMS 553: Homework 5 (Due November 30th) 1. (L&K 9.1) Argue heuristically that comparable output random variables from replications using dif- ferent random numbers should be independent. 2. (L&K 9.3) In Example 9.9, suppose that the condition (b) is violated. In particular, suppose that it takes workers 20 minutes to put their tools away at the end of a shift and it takes the new workers 20 minutes to set up their tools at the beginning of the next shift. Does N 1 ,N 2 ,... have a steady-state distributions? 3. (L &K 9.4) Suppose in Example 9.9 that we would like to estimate the steady-state mean total time in system of a part. Does our approach to simulating the manufacturing system present a problem? 4. (L &K 9.6) In Example 9.11, why doesn’t the process of hourly throughput N 1 ,N 2 ,... have a steady- state distribution? 5. (L &K 9.9) Let p be a probability of interest for a terminating simulation. Define iid random variables Y 1 ,Y 2 ,...,Y n such that ˆ p = ¯ Y ( n ) and use these...
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