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Homework-5-f10 - AMS 361 Applied Calculus IV by Prof Y Deng...

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1 AMS 361: Applied Calculus IV by Prof Y. Deng Homework 5 Assignment Date: Monday (10/11/2010) Collection Date: Thursday (10/21/2010) Quiz-2 on 10/28/2010 Grade: Each problem is worth 10 points. Problem 5.1 Suppose that a projectile is fired straight upward from the surface of the earth with initial velocity and assume its height ( ) above the surface satisfies the initial value problem { ( ) ( ) ( ) Compute the maximum altitude the projectile reaches and the time (from launch) for the projectile to reach the maximum altitude. In the above, are all given constants. Problem 5.2 A guy jumps out of a horizontally flying plane of speed at height . The horizontal component of the jumper’s initial
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