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1. What is an IP address? How is it related to a domain name? (7 points) An IP address, short for internet protocol address, is a number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the internet.(p73) Every domain name contains a top-level domain (TLD), which is the last section of the domain name. as with an IP address, the components of a domain name are separated by period. 2. What is streaming? What kind of media is usually streamed? (7 points) Streaming is the process of transferring data in continuous and even flow. Streaming allows users to access and use a file while it is transmitting.(p86) Streaming audio, enables you to listen to music as it downloads to your computer. 3. What are the five steps involved in web publishing? Explain them briefly. (7 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 1, plan a web site: think about issues that could affect the design of the web site 2, analyze and design: design the layout of the elements of the website. 3, create a web site: use word processing software or web page authoring to create the web site. 4, deploy a web site: save the web site on a web server. 5, maintain a web site: visit your web site regularly to be sure it is working and current. 4. What is the structure of an e-mail address? What is an address book? (7 points) An e-mail address is a combination of a user name and a domain name that identifies a user so that he or she can receive internet e-mail. Most e-mail program allow you to create an address book, or contacts folder, which contains a list of names and e-mail addresses....
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