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1. What are web-based software and open-source software? Give examples of web-based software. (7 points) Web-based software refers to programs hosted by a web site. open-source is software provided for use, modification.(p135) The web-based software is like the e-mail. 2. How are spreadsheets organized? Give three features of spreadsheet programs. (7 points) The organization of spreadsheet is a spreadsheet file is similar to a notebook the can contain more than 1000 related individual worksheets. (p143) The features are column, row, cell, worksheet.
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Unformatted text preview: . 3. What is legal software? What is tax-preparation software? Give an example of tax-preparation software. (7 points) Legal software assists in the preparation of legal documents and provides legal information to individuals, families, and small businesses. (p157) The tax-preparation software is like the IRS. 4. What is "Web 2.0" Give at least three types of Web 2.0 sites. (7 points) Provide user with online communication Download from web site Has a web component that offers additional features. (p164)...
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